David Elkouby


David Elkouby has over two decades experience in the real estate business. Since founding the company in 2000 Mr. Elkouby has purchased, managed and sold over $2 billion of residential and commercial assets. As well, Mr. Elkouby has developed over 2 million square feet of retail space. Mr. Elkouby has established a reputation for excellence by consistently delivering sound investments secured by premier real estate properties and consistently met investment goals that outperform the market. Throughout his career Mr. Elkouby has demonstrated the highest levels of integrity and honesty and has built a robust network of relationships throughout the industry based on his stellar reputation. Over the past decade Mr. Elkouby was designated by several retailers the “preferred developer” status leading AEP to complete many successful development projects.

Prior to founding American Equity Partners, Mr. Elkouby led Global Equities, a $5 billion real estate fund as the Senior Vice President of REO. Mr. Elkouby’s controlled approach to completing a successful project, together with his talent for finding value-add opportunities, has been a driving force at American Equity Partners. Mr. Elkouby received his degree from the College Marie Victorin (Canada).


Ephraim Steinberg


Ephraim Steinberg is a real Estate Professional with over 8 years of commercial real estate experience. Ephraim started in the distressed note marketplace back in 2008. He has successfully purchased distressed and non performing notes, collateralized by Multi- Family properties in NY. Those properties were then stabilized and monetized through disposition or refinance. Ephraim is the founder and active CEO of Mantrose Group, a holding company for commercial real estate properties; with the focus being on value- add opportunities across the commercial real estate field. Ephraim has been very successful in identifying opportunities and developing the appropriate business plan for each individual asset. Ephraim’s disciplined approach to underwriting and deal structure has been instrumental in bringing the company to where it stands today and to cultivate the remarkable growth being experienced. 


Ben Fishbane


Benzy Fishbane is a real estate professional with over ten years of commercial real estate management experience.  Prior to starting Broad Real Estate Services, Benzy he has been a senior member of the team at Nightingale Properties in New York City where he managed over 20 properties ranging in size from 2,500 to over 1,000,000 square feet.  He successfully manages tenant relations with single tenant occupants to upwards of 50 tenants in both office and retail properties. Benzy’s strong interpersonal skills allow him to develop productive and successful relationships with tenants, government/city officials, building/construction teams and financial and legal professionals.  

Benzy manages over $1.5 billion of real estate and has successfully increased the values of these properties by 10-30%.  His responsibilities include all facets of property management from budgeting and variance analysis through recommending and overseeing renovations, upgrades and remodeling.  He brings a strong understanding of value added features and the skills necessary to analyze the specific demographics of each property.  He has demonstrated success in quickly and accurately performing due diligence regarding potential investments and implementing unique business plans for each asset.   Mr. Fishbane has a strong track record of increasing occupancy rates and rents while reducing expenses through excellent negotiation and analytical abilities.

Benzy received a Master’s degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Bachelor’s degree from Beth Medrash Govoha.


Avi Bruck

Property Manager

Avi Bruck manages a portfolio of 12 properties with over 1 million square feet of commercial real estate. Avi holds the bottom line responsibility for end-to-end property management functions, including forge and sustain relationships with key decision-makers within commercial entities to negotiate profitable contracts and secure long-term tenant agreements. Coordinate hiring, training, and ongoing professional development of property management and administrative staff. Develop reports, administer budgets, allocate resources, and ensure operational compliance with industry and corporate standards. Guide property improvement projects, partnering with contractors, building owners, and stakeholders to secure on-time deliverables, as well as, Interface internally and externally with legal and finance departments. Avi Bruck received a Bachelor’s degree from Beth Medrash Govoha.